We believe in natural herbs

About Us


Hello health watchers!


Allow us to introduce ourselves. Established in 2016, Essence Life is committed to helping people live healthier and happier with a range of verified and tested top quality health products. Essence Life deals with top quality confinement products in Singapore.


Looking for a place to buy confinement products in Singapore? Our products, which fully comply with Singapore’s strict HSA requirements, are carefully curated and sourced from our partners, all of which have an established track record. We make sure they only use ingredients of the highest quality. As a supporter of corporate social responsibility, we also make sure their employees are given fair treatment.


In fact, we are so confident and fanatical about the products that we are all proud users!


We invite you to join us in living healthy. We invite you to believe in the power of Essence Life.


Let us embark on a journey towards eternal youth together.




Mission Statement


Essence Life was founded with an earnest objective: To build healthier lives, one at a time.


We recognise that health supplements are not intended to only complement a diet that may be lacking in certain nutrients, or meant for people who have difficulty absorbing them. That is how we decide on the type of health foods suited for our users.


All our products are certified safe for consumption. We believe in the health benefits of natural herbs, hence most products include them as key ingredients. They are processed in line with the industry’s best practices, so that users can absorb the nutrients in their entirety.


Our current aim is to provide more Singaporeans with access to such overseas health foods, but we are also working towards introducing them to the larger Southeast Asia region.


Essence Life recognises that good health is serious business. As such, we aim to raise awareness of the benefits of our supplements among members of the public. Ultimately, we hope to empower individuals, families and communities with the knowledge and means to enhance their overall health.