Royal Confinement Package 4
Royal Confinement (28 days)Royal Confinement (28 days) - InsideRoyal Confinement (28 days) - Inside 2Royal Confinement (28 days) - Inside 3Royal Red Date TeaRoyal Red Date Tea (Back)Royal Confinement Herbal BathRoyal Confinement Herbal Bath (Back)Nutritional PorridgeNutritional Porridge (Back)

Royal Confinement Package 4


Package 4:

1. Royal Confinement Herbal Soup(28 days)
2. Royal Nutritional Porridge (15 packs)
3. Royal Herbal Bath (28 pack)
4. Nursing Herbal Soup (4 pack)
5.Royal Red Date Tea (28 days)
FREE GIFT: Multi Function Pot + Sheng Hua Soup (2Packs)
+Royal Confinement Herbal Foot Bath  (10 Packs)
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